Next summer

The water pools under her dirty feet Dark and clay-like they sink further into the murky deep “Stick to me like glue , “she thinks There’s always next summer to get you clean The water swirls in her dirty sink I’ve been washing these hands for years it seems The cracks are trials of yet another week But there’s always next summer to get you clean The water ebbs at her bended knees I’ve been waiting on them for decades in silent plea So stiff and weary from years of no belief There’s always next summer to get you clean … Continue reading Next summer

Black Water

I would say I hate you but I hate me more I drained the bath water then dove headfirst into remiss or a longing that’s called a nightmare , the abyss I siphoned the filth out of my weeping lungs and choked on my bitter tongue With that violent chasm I sputtered half dead and drowned the last little bit of sad the proverbial baby and all jazz out with the dirty wash I thought you ‘d go but then I heard you snoring  or wheezing or maybe reeling as I rolled over and smothered that thought of missing your lips … Continue reading Black Water

Just Leave

It hit me like a brick mess it ran red like that just too quick when you called me out for catching the feels you said You hated it for me made yourself leave but I told you didn’t I What it was about to be can I still be Still be kinda sorry That it got weird the instant you stayed and I kind of liked it I mean I liked you Before … when you’d leave Continue reading Just Leave

The Tree

You were just a tree Until I hired them to hack on thee Now I am startled by the way your trunk resembles the Grotesque limbs I saw in a horror movie I hope it was just An anomaly But it was with such joy and happiness and relief to see The job was complete Leaving me without that creepy tree That resembled much too Closely The one in the film (which it’s twin Had to be…) The monstrous and horrible thing… in Poltergeist Continue reading The Tree