You hate to be kind I’m sorry but not sorry I didn’t cry I’m hurt feelings and your feelings hurt It’s ok but it’s been too much work A la Carte Broken heart why sup On sorrow and she disappointed her wits with the end Auvoir has come again Huge sigh …of sweet goodbyes Continue reading Done

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Friday Fictioneers 4/12/19

Photo prompt @ Roger Bultot ”And that’s the house I grew up in. ” “That’s Grandma’s house? No way .” “Yes. I spent many happy minutes on the porch with Grandma watching the inquisition from here . What memories…” “Well , it’s time to get back to our world . You remember where you drew the portal , don’t you?” The woman with the long blonde hair was jolted out of her reverie by the loud sound of hoofs shaking the grounds around you them. The Holy Roman Empire! The little girl was dancing around pretending to be a fairy … Continue reading Friday Fictioneers 4/12/19

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The OtherShip

Friday Fictioneers 3/22/19 The blonde girl sitting next to me was getting impatient. A few more minutes passed before she spoke in a shaky voice. “I don’t mean to question you, but something is off here. We’ve been up and down, around and around and in a circle more times than I can count and still I’m looking at the same landscape each time.” “And that’s not all, I haven’t even mentioned the people who keep getting on and off … while we sit here.” “The people who don’t look like our people. “ “I’m going to guess this isn’t … Continue reading The OtherShip

The Tree

You were just a tree Until I hired them to hack on thee Now I am startled by the way your trunk resembles the Grotesque limbs I saw in a horror movie I hope it was just An anomaly But it was with such joy and happiness and relief to see The job was complete Leaving me without that creepy tree That resembled much too Closely The one in the film (which it’s twin Had to be…) The monstrous and horrible thing… in Poltergeist Continue reading The Tree