Proud Moments In American History

Nine years ago today in history:

Yo Taylor , I’m going to let you finish… ”

-Kanye West
Today in history,

”Yo, Donald, I’m going to let you finish ….”

-Nancy Pelosi

Yo Donald, I'm going to let you fiinish but first...

photo credit :AP Photo/J. Scott Applewhite

When history was a Twitter

In today’s news , social media seems to have taken the reigns leaving us to wonder , whY you gotta be so mean …

Taylor Swift is ruining the vote according to tweeting Trump .. and when she didn’t endorse a Democrat, he liked her music 25 % more than the unknown amount he likes now . I think he just wanted us to do some Algebra and find her eX .

Disclaimer : It goes without saying that this is a pretend tweet based on some facts but not all the facts , so don’t troll the troll. Just be glad pop stars don’t run for President.