The DEADline

From the directors of The Ring comes a horrifying sequel that is sure to be write up your alley …


So what did one bat say to the other bat ?

I don’t know , they were off my radar .



Cyranny’s Word of the Day Challenge

How do you make a vampire cow’s milk into cheese?

A process called Bloodcurdling.


Halloween canceled due to scheduling errors, claims Pro- Santa party

Walmart’s unofficial statement:
We love Halloween .
However ,insiders say the act is in retaliation for the scandalous  photo bomb campaign depicting a tipsy Rudolph getting his nose reddened artificially by a tattoo artist .

close up of baby girl
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The Last Knock of Halloween

“I’m so sorry, we just ran out of candy. I feel so bad, but I just didn’t get enough this year .” The lady who answered the front door was impatiently waiting for the children to get the hint and scurry off, as all good little Halloween ghouls do.

But these candy hunting goblins just stared at her, not uttering a single peep in response to the disappointing news. Mrs. Carlyle wasn’t sure if they heard her because no sound came from the gaping mouth holes in the white sheets. ” They probably can’t hear me, ” she thought.

“You two look so cute and I love your costumes. I’m sorry I don’t have anything to give you. Maybe next year. You be safe walking home now, you hear? The big body of Mrs. Carlyle was turning to go back inside when the two little ghosts started to sing. She stopped at the familiar tune and looked behind her.

Trick or treat, Smell my feet. Give me something, good to eat.”

The tiny figures that had stood perfectly still started to move forward. Mrs. Carlyle’s blood ran cold.She started to stammer “I told you that there isn’t any candy left … ” That’s when Mrs.Carlyle looking down, saw that they had no feet.

I’m wondering what she would have said next, but all I heard was that blood-curdling scream echoing down the deserted street. And then the streetlights went out, one by one until the last muffled cry.