Marie Antoinette’s Foibles ala Versailles : The French Alliance

The future of France is a piece of cake or should be… Continue reading Marie Antoinette’s Foibles ala Versailles : The French Alliance

Friday Fictioneers ”Edith, what on earth are you writing? I swear you are too much! ” Edith’s friend had an abundant, round face that showed how amused she was by Edith’s ardent participation in the re-enactment exercise, cleverly made possible by the owners of the Dracula Travel Train. Edith however, continued to write furiously. Dear J: “I have at last escaped from the Count and am anxiously awaiting the due diligence to deliver me to safety. I must say the locals are not so helpful and forthcoming as previously surmised. Haste is of utmost importance ! Both women were startled by … Continue reading Friday Fictioneers

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Friday Fictioneers 4/12/19

Photo prompt @ Roger Bultot ”And that’s the house I grew up in. ” “That’s Grandma’s house? No way .” “Yes. I spent many happy minutes on the porch with Grandma watching the inquisition from here . What memories…” “Well , it’s time to get back to our world . You remember where you drew the portal , don’t you?” The woman with the long blonde hair was jolted out of her reverie by the loud sound of hoofs shaking the grounds around you them. The Holy Roman Empire! The little girl was dancing around pretending to be a fairy … Continue reading Friday Fictioneers 4/12/19

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Friday Fictioneers 2/15/19

“Don’t do it, Macy. You are so going to be sorry! Please !” “Oh shut up Anna, Anna, Anna. Annoying Anna! Hahaha, you scared? ” The tall girl was laughing so hard at the little one who was called Anna. The ugly tall one was laughing so hard that I didn’t bother. “Wait. What? Just like that? You didn’t bother warning her ?” “I felt so bad about it, but it was like karma or something.” “Aren’t you a little bit afraid of her,” Anna whimpered. “You know, now that’s she’s dead ” I opened my mouth but was interrupted … Continue reading Friday Fictioneers 2/15/19