Marie Antoinette’s Foibles of Versailles

Based on facts. and fashion.

Marie Antoinette’s Foibles Ala Versailles:Learning to be A Frenchy

Previously on My Fabulous Teenage Life As Archduchess of Austria, I received the news that I am betrothed to the grandson of Louis XV, whose court at Versailles is said to be the most wicked court in the world. I know that you are already asking… Well, to answer that question, not yet. I’ve beenContinue reading “Marie Antoinette’s Foibles Ala Versailles:Learning to be A Frenchy”


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I started this blog as a way to start writing again . I was always told I was a good writer, but why ?I had a million reasons why I wanted to write again but what I found was unexpected. I had more inside than teenage poetry written before having experienced true sadness. I hope you enjoy my writing and bear with me while I experiment with flash fiction, serial novels, poetry mixed in with (hopefully) humorous stories about my real life .

Thanks for stopping by and checking my blog out . Please let me know what you think in the comments section and offer any tips , advice or even criticism . I always want to know how I’m doing and what I can do better . Don’t forget to leave your blog name and link . I want to read yours too !

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