You hate to be kind I’m sorry but not sorry I didn’t cry I’m hurt feelings and your feelings hurt It’s ok but it’s been too much work A la Carte Broken heart why sup On sorrow and she disappointed her wits with the end Auvoir has come again Huge sigh …of sweet goodbyes

Black Water

I would say I hate you but I hate me more I drained the bath water then dove headfirst into remiss or a longing that’s called a nightmare , the abyss I siphoned the filth out of my weeping lungs and choked on my bitter tongue With that violent chasm I sputtered half dead and drowned […]

Just Leave

It hit me like a brick mess it ran red like that just too quick when you called me out for catching the feels you said You hated it for me made yourself leave but I told you didn’t I What it was about to be can I still be Still be kinda sorry That […]

Supping Sorrow

Death come quickly Finish me fast Because I got in Got in my feelings for you You can laugh It’s funny to me too This game was so good I forgot I was playing I got beat And that’s what I’m mourning Feelings taste better Better than tears Now that’s a dish A dish best […]

The Deep

I keep a drawer of you With memories  collected from the thousands of years it seemed it took to know you And yet I still feel like you are a stranger It’s stranger to me The depth that holds the best part of you And no one else will know who you were Who you […]