Useless Ways to Spend Quarantine :The Dummy Guide

Please read first :Covid is a life or death matter that is not humorous and this post is not intended to make light of it . If you haven’t had it , be grateful that you haven’t .

Do not let that gratitude make you complacent about your health and neglectful of the health of those around you. While you might survive , the person you potentially pass it on to may not be so lucky . This is not a joke , this pandemic and it’s not a drill .

We have the responsibility to do what we can to let Covid know that it can’t defeat us . We must be the voice for the victims .

I have Covid and so does my husband .

Yes , it is worse than any flu strain I remember having . I say remember because I get a flu shot every year. Yes, I’m pro vaccine . I was before covid and I can’t be any thing else after having had the horrible virus . One thing I can do is make the best of my illness , and hopefully you won’t get sick . I wouldn’t wish it on anyone .

My husband is sick also as I mentioned and he is the one who gave it to me . All jokes aside , he has been incapacitated by this virus . Luckily I’m a nurse so he’s in good hands . I honestly don’t know if he would have made it otherwise .

While he is sicker than any other person who has ever had it , I will be the one who is most likely to die . Not from the virus or underlying condition but from “mansickness’ which is bro code for -you guessed it -being sicker than the sickest and breathing long enough to let everyone know it . In layman’s terms it means that you , the female ,doesn’t have time to be sick because the male has claimed that title and he’s going to defend it to the end .

If you have ever been sick and had to take care of a loved one at the same time , you know it’s exhausting. It is not for the weak and I don’t know how I did it .

I’m happy to report that we made it past the worst of it and that’s when the dangerous period where you feel better but aren’t completely well sets in . There’s a few things you can do about that . Like read , binge watch a new show , cuddle with your dogs or watch grass grow . Or you can learn some new hobbies . I decided to learn something new . I don’t think you need to try them for yourself. I’ve done it for you . We’ll call it a sacrifice for science.

These are the ways to not spend the last part of being sick with Covid .

Spoiler alert:Becoming an entrepreneur while sick is going to be a fail .

Here are a few examples:

  • Bang Cutting School

I’m probably not going to start my own business cutting hair but I’m also still not going to admit that I cut my own hair. Badly . No matter how badly you want to cut your bangs, don’t do it . If you live , you will regret it . Just look at mine .

Me as a cartoon thanks to Snapchat sporting some non fabulous bangs thanks to also me (not a real hairstylist)
  • Card Maker Extraordinare

Yes ,my guest bedroom is like the little shop of horrors for crafting . But what do you know ? My covid fever loves the card I made . American greetings and Hallmark , relax . I’m sure your stock holdings are safe and you can continue making those Valentines Day cards . I won’t be mailing my handcrafted ones out .

  • Crafty Queen of the South

Cricut expert in anything. Especially when you just got the crafting bug during the month of December along with everyone else . With 102 fever , I have more than the normal difficulty in concentrating on intricate cuts . Take it from me , no one needs you to sew their new Yorkie clothes . Not today . Especially not people who love their pets .

So , there are a few of my misfires , mistakes or oops moments. What can I say , I’m sick and I can’t leave the house until next year . Oh wait , it is next year . I can’t say I’m surprised I ended up in quarantine for New Year’s Eve . Thanks , 2020.

Next post ,I’m going to tell you some of my eureka or “ not to terribly bad “ activities of my let’s see , 100th quarantined session . I bet you can’t wait . I can’t either . I better get busy making some up .

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