Marie Antoinette’s Foibles ala Versailles:Marie Antoinette Ruins France (one bite of cake at a time )

On the next episode of ”Marie Antoinette Ruins France ” find out why Marie Antoinette is at her wits end and really cold in the bathtub, too . Sometimes it takes patience and virtue to be a future Queen.

@MarieAntoine1792 wrote :

This morning, I was really tired and cold in the bathtub- freezing really – and naked – and just as I was thinking that the 180 year old countess is about to hand my shift to me then this princess walked in so we had to start over . I guess I made a noise in disgust and got a severe pinch from some other lady who was in line to hand me something and by then it was really cold and I was really DONE. I’m sorry but when you have a entourage of women trying to dress you accordingly by title and then a higher level of random rank decides to join in , you’re not in a good mood . You know? You try it. I think I handle it pretty well ..