Basic Af Remodeling Tips

Because to love is divine but to forgive your spouses bad taste in home decor is saintly .

First of all, let’s start with this disclaimer: I am not responsible for what happens, if you try any of my proven tactics on how to redecorate with your husband .

Now that that is out of the way, let’s talk about home repair. Or despair. And why pain rhymes with wainscoting.

We are in the middle of home renovation if you haven’t already guessed. I’m also trying to prepare for Nanowrimo. That means I need to write. A lot. And have a space to write in that relatively stress-free. Who thinks that’s probably a bad time to paint the living and dining room when I’m still painting my home office and haven’t put my new desk together? I’m guessing you all do. And that would be accurate If you didn’t know my husband. If anyone has seen National Lampoons Vacation or Flip, then combine the two and we have my situation. Its kind of like a hillbilly reno gone wild. Let us start with the furniture issue because obviously, we don’t agree on much. My idea of a stylish home has nothing in it that is practical or affordable. If you google those two words then you get this couch though and I will say that if those things were important, hands down champion is my husband.

His idea of amazing couches is one that has cup holders and USB ports. Oh and let’s not forget because it is not complete without reclining loveseat that eliminates the need for end tables, right? Wrong. Everything about this couch is wrong and if I wanted something that looked like it came out of an RV then I’d get one.

My dream coach is on the other hand, beautiful aesthetically pleasing and is not comfortable. Its also out of a magazine and it looks like no one has ever or will ever sit on it. And they probably won’t, at least in my house. And you know why? Because you guessed it – we aren’t getting it.

We are getting Cousin Eddie’s version of high class, complete with the center console. It looks like Kid Rock and Sheryl Crow had a baby and named it “not a pretty picture.”

Lighting is somewhat an easy one. We kinda. had the same vision.

What I’m saying is this: it was a lightbulb moment. If you think I’m being sarcastic when I say this you are right.

Him: Not that.
Me: Yes , all of it.

Next, we have paint colors to agree on. Never mind that I have spent countless hours watching HGTV and am the real expert. if you don’t believe me then ask anyone, I am an expert at painting and décor. I’ve never seen a color I am afraid to use and my house shows it. From the red-painted walls in the entryway, you wouldn’t guess I did it by myself unless you looked closely. So don’t is my advice.

So after five hundred reasons why all white paint isn’t just white, my husband knows that there are 500 shades of white. It’s not just white paint.

Still Him: They are all the same shade. Hint: You can’t win this because someone is color blind .

Basically, our design mottos are different but what can you do ? Clearly, time is running out because it’s close to the holidays or the end of the world or maybe because I don’t want the reno to last like forever . Can you guess happened ? if you guessed “we compromised”, you are correct. I’m writing this post in the glow of our new 70 “ television and after him learning that my idea of an accent wall is not as expensive as he thought. Imagine that , a stalemate is reached after the man is proven wrong .

At the end of the day, proof that marriage is about picking your battles though and even if you won the couch war, lighting war and wainscoting one too, if the most important person in the family isn’t happy then no one is.

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