Source: FFfAW Challenge – 201st

This week’s photo prompt is provided by H.R.R. Gorman. Thank you H.R.R.!

”Donald, come out. We know you are in here. We can help you but we need you to cooperate with us. We know you are scared but no one will hurt you. You can trust us. We are your friends. We only want to talk. ”

The tall man in charge was getting annoyed and I could sense that he was also afraid. Afraid of not finding Donald. I tried to hide my amusement at his obvious distress. It really wasn’t a funny situation.

The tall man kept looking anxiously for Donald to come out.

I jokingly stated that Donald was probably contemplating his surrender but the white flag was out of the question since he was out of toilet paper.

The tall man whose name was ironically George Smalley wasn’t amused and told me to shut up.

I silently turned the remote on and Donald the duck was suddenly spinning and quacking his way to end the hostage standoff on top of a Roomba.

“That is Donald? ”

”Duck, duck… Goose, ” I cheerfully called over my shoulder.

Story word count: 177

16 thoughts on “Paper Ducks

  1. I just found out today that InLinkz is doubling the price of their membership and I have decided I am not going to pay it. There will be no more FFfAW challenges. Thank you so much for your participation and I am glad to have gotten to know you!


      1. Thank you so much! I will miss the challenge and all the writers that participate in it. I am going to look at other services similar to InLinkz and if they aren’t as expensive then I will start the challenge again.

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      2. Continue following Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers blog. There won’t be any published posts on it for awhile, but if I do start it up again with another service, it will be on that site.

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