Marie Antoinette’s History Live !

Indoors shot in the Marie Antoinette style.We are live this morning with Marie Antoinette, the newest member of the French royal family. She spills all ,when asked about her new country –

Marie: I have to say that the French were hella rude, boring, old and also -dog thieves. I endured a long, boring day stuck in a carriage, only because I had my dog, Mops, in my lap.

Marie: But then, when I finally got out of the stuffy, old person-mobile at a cold af river, I was made to walk through some stupid tent meant to represent the alliance. On one bank I entered as the Daughter of the Holy Roman Empire and when I came out the other side, I was suddenly the French Dauphine and one dog less.

Marie: Nobody told me Dauphine was French for no dogs.

Marie: When I cried –because duh I’m fourteen- and went to hug my traveling companion, she pushed me away!

Marie: Do I smell bad? I bathed like three weeks ago… the French must bathe every two.

Marie: Also, I’m going to banish old people from the court when I’m Queen and that’ll be soon -because the king is old AF. Like 35 I think.

Marie: I want another alliance. I’ll ask my mama to form another one.

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