The Daily Whine

Me when realizing that not only do I have no game, contouring skills or original thoughts- today or ever.

It also occurs to me that only 9.85% of my viewers actually like me enough to subscribe.

6 thoughts on “The Daily Whine

      1. I pushed some buttons and it seems to work fine, but it’s awfully cluttery, especially around the comments. Everything we say is “RateThisblah blah blah.” Can you maybe add some padding or take the words out?
        Do you not have a desktop? You could go to a library and try it out on a strange computer, see how it looks and feels to you there.
        I guess I don’t care to rate the things because I’m used to the WordPress “Like” button, it’s just one simple rating system.

        …whoa, did you remove the buttons while I was testing it out for you??? LOL! These buttons are too inconsistent on a desktop, they’ve disappeared entirely!


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