You Had One Job

I’m a little disappointed . Our good friends had a baby. A beautiful baby girl and a perfect small human. How great is that?It’s absolutely amazing and we are so happy for them.Except I feel like I was let down.All the way down. It’s a wasted opportunity for your last name to be Ray when […]

Another Astral View

Astral via the Daily Prompt I met you on the astral plane A couple of times that year in May Star-crossed and always lost We chose to stay entombed With realism mockingly on display at the museum these days it set the galaxy at too high a cost ! The night sky was a abstract […]


Hearing the horrendous crash above, she started to jump then relaxed . “New neighbors, “she thought to herself and kept on reading the anorexic journals of celebrities,  which most people just called a fashion magazine. So engrossed in the pretty, petty lives of the beautiful she didn’t notice the  screaming of her mother from the other […]