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Friday Fictioneers 4/12/19

Photo prompt @ Roger Bultot ”And that’s the house I grew up in. ” “That’s Grandma’s house? No way .” “Yes. I spent many happy minutes on the porch with Grandma watching the inquisition from here . What memories…” “Well , it’s time to get back to our world . You remember where you drew the portal , don’t you?” The woman with the long blonde hair was jolted out of her reverie by the loud sound of hoofs shaking the grounds around you them. The Holy Roman Empire! The little girl was dancing around pretending to be a fairy … Continue reading Friday Fictioneers 4/12/19

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Friday Fictioneers 3/29/19

“This is it. The end of the line for you, Charlotte. Your kind isn’t needed anymore and this is proof. ” “You can’t do this! You wouldn’t dare! I’ll call my cousin, and he’ll put an end to your yarn-spinning. I don’t believe you would be so brave in front of him !” The hairy man kept talking  “… it’s mass production because they can outspin you. Plus, people hate spiders … hate them , hear me ?End of the story is this …Spiderman is not going to save you this time. And why ? I hear you ask ?” “Because … Continue reading Friday Fictioneers 3/29/19

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The OtherShip

Friday Fictioneers 3/22/19 The blonde girl sitting next to me was getting impatient. A few more minutes passed before she spoke in a shaky voice. “I don’t mean to question you, but something is off here. We’ve been up and down, around and around and in a circle more times than I can count and still I’m looking at the same landscape each time.” “And that’s not all, I haven’t even mentioned the people who keep getting on and off … while we sit here.” “The people who don’t look like our people. “ “I’m going to guess this isn’t … Continue reading The OtherShip

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Friday Fictioneers 2/15/19

“Don’t do it, Macy. You are so going to be sorry! Please !” “Oh shut up Anna, Anna, Anna. Annoying Anna! Hahaha, you scared? ” The tall girl was laughing so hard at the little one who was called Anna. The ugly tall one was laughing so hard that I didn’t bother. “Wait. What? Just like that? You didn’t bother warning her ?” “I felt so bad about it, but it was like karma or something.” “Aren’t you a little bit afraid of her,” Anna whimpered. “You know, now that’s she’s dead ” I opened my mouth but was interrupted … Continue reading Friday Fictioneers 2/15/19

Next summer

The water pools under her dirty feet Dark and clay-like they sink further into the murky deep “Stick to me like glue , “she thinks There’s always next summer to get you clean The water swirls in her dirty sink I’ve been washing these hands for years it seems The cracks are trials of yet another week But there’s always next summer to get you clean The water ebbs at her bended knees I’ve been waiting on them for decades in silent plea So stiff and weary from years of no belief There’s always next summer to get you clean … Continue reading Next summer


Early on I didn’t believeI couldn’t seeJust let the waves carry me Before the fog rolled inBut after the frostI let my sight out to seek Searching upwards for the keyAnd there were noneJust black night I see You had not surfacedAnd I thought you sleptDo I have any plans for the week? You liked to plan for your eternityI have to have my sleepI have to say that you can keep My dangerous, carelessly gorgeouslove for youdeclared on now stained diary sheets pen and ink bled for all to seeThat my life is weakWas weak But it’s mewho has … Continue reading Restless

Basic AF Writer’s Block

It happens to everyone. You hit a dead end on your already struggling road to writing martyrdom. There is no cure and there is no way through the concrete wall of no-words-ville . You have to suffer through it or sandblast your way out . How do you do that ? You force yourself to write crap. Remembering Rome wasnt built in a day and your novel obviously wasn’t built in a pandemic either . So lets get on to the bilious tripe you are going to spew in the name of getting you through the slump of dead thoughts. … Continue reading Basic AF Writer’s Block